Styling Your Provenance Home

So, you’ve just bought your new home at Provenance, congratulations! Once your home is built, it’s time for the fun part… styling your Provenance home!

To help guide you on your way, we have done some digging to reveal the current and upcoming interior design trends sweeping through Australian homes this year. Think natural, organic and simple to celebrate our Earth’s raw materials, and try the subtle use of colour to inject your home with a personal touch.

Textured Walls:

Including texture in your styling adds an extra element as it impacts sensation and touch. Nature plays a big role here, with stone, marble and wooden beam feature walls all on trend.

Minimalist Art:

Art that blends seamlessly with its interiors is increasing in popularity to create a calm atmosphere within the home. The old saying ‘less is more’ rings true when selecting your statement piece.


This may come as no surprise as the popularity of houseplants soared last year during the initial Covid lockdowns and continues to do so in 2021. This is not only due to their aesthetic but the fact that houseplants can improve your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress and anxiety and improve the air quality in your home.


As we become more conscious of our environmental footprint, the use of organic materials and decor is important. Think materials like stone, rattan and cork and the use of solar panels and low flow tap fixtures.

Which trend do you think you will incorporate into your Provenance home?