Home is where the heart is – April and Travis’ Engagement at Provenance Estate

In a Provenance Bendigo first, two of our buyers celebrated a huge milestone in their relationship when they got engaged on their land over the weekend. We sat down with April and Travis to learn above their love story, and also the journey that brought them to Provenance.

April, tell us about your and Travis’ relationship – how long have you been together? Where did you meet?

Trav and I have been together for 3 years. He and my brother are best friends and that’s how we met. It took us years of being friends before we realised that we had an interest in each other but now we are inseparable and here we are building our life together at Provenance.

And, tell us about the big moment. How did Travis propose? Be honest, did you have an inkling..

We were celebrating our 3 years together and had originally planned to go away, but that couldn’t happen because of COVID-19 restrictions. We decided to dress up for a romantic dinner at home (or so I thought).

He told me there was something I needed to see and got my sister to drop me at our block, I thought maybe the surprise was that our build had started but he had everything set up for a romantic night together – he had tea cooking in the Webber, set up pretty lights, our favourite music was playing, drinks poured.. there was so many small details that were thought out so perfectly but I still had no idea at all what was to come!

I always thought I would know, because I’m pretty onto things usually, so he did a really good job. I had no clue at all. He pretended he was setting the timer on our camera to take a photo of us, but actually he was pressing record on the camera, and instead of coming and standing beside me, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Trav lost him mum two years ago and he used the gold and the diamond from her engagement ring to custom make me a ring so that made it all the more special.

Travis proposed on land that is to become your home, very romantic. You purchased a house and land package in Provenance – what is it that you and Travis love about Provenance? 

What we love about Provenance is the structure of the regulations – we know that Provenance is going to end up being, a beautiful Estate. Plus having the future train station and the proposed plan of a commercial core for the community with supermarkets etc was what made us decide to build here.

Pouring of your footing is a big milestone also – congratulations. Tell us about the home you’ve chosen to build, and why that build?

Thank you! We are very excited to have started our build. It’s our very first home, we have decided to build with Welsh Homes, who have been very supportive and helpful through the whole process. We chose Welsh because they had the perfect house plan that suited what we wanted within our budget and they have provided exceptional service.

What do you love about Huntly? Is it the amenities, that the area is booming, that you can see yourself raising a family there etc?

I have lived in Huntly all of my life and we both love the atmosphere here. We love that it’s out of town, but is also not a far drive to be able to access everything we need. We are definitely planning to raise a family here.

Any wedding bells yet? Have you started planning the big day?

We have had discussions about wedding plans and we really like the thought of getting married at Waratah weddings – the venue looks amazing. It’s very “us” and it would be sentimental to be married in the hometown where we built our first house together. We would love to be married in the next year or two.

Thanks to April and Travis for sharing their wonderful story. If you’d like to Build Your New Life at Provenance, contact Katrina at 0418 584 107 today or explore our Land only, House and Land options or Park Homes.