Meet the People of Provenance

Join us as we delve into the people that are making up our master plan estate, Provenance. Today, we’re chatting with Greg, who recently joined our community.

How did you discover Provenance Estate? 

Stumbled across it on real-estate.com


What drew you to Provenance? 

Advertisement on real-estate.com, great for thought, and to me should set standard/ future direction for all new estates.


When did you know you wanted to live here?

 After meeting with Katrina on-site, getting a grand tour and seeing the final vision for the estate and surrounding area.


What features do love about the Park Home?

  I love the contemporary, smart, compact nature of the home, location and the added bonus of park access at my front door…


 Is this a starter home, a forever home, or something in between?

 Forever home.


What features of the Provenance community are you most excited about  beyond your new home, of course. 

 I’m excited about the natural areas, train station and commercial precinct.


What is it that you love about Huntly?

The Huntly area is ever-evolving, with so many new and exciting infrastructure projects in the pipeline and or underway, that help support and grow the local family orientated Huntly community