Meet the People of Provenance

Join us as we delve into the people that are making up our master plan estate, Provenance. Today, we’re chatting with Deepak, who recently joined our community.


How did you discover Provenance Estate?

My brother-in-law suggested this Estate.


What drew you to Provenance?

This Estate is exclusively for first home buyers so most of the buyers should be families. I would like to live in such environments.


When did you know you wanted to build and live here?

I am new in Bendigo just landed in last March. Was looking for a new house.


Who is your builder of choice and what kind of home are you building?

Sherridon homes. It’s a single storey 4-bed house.


Is this a starter home, a forever home, or something in between?

It’s my first home and would like to live there for a long time.


What features of the Provenance community are you most excited about – beyond your new home, of course. 

This Estate is located in a calm and quiet area in Bendigo and not much traffic. So such an environment is good for kids and family, most of the buyers are family.


What is it that you love about Huntly?

Huntly is a growing town and will be a big town like Bendigo soon and this will increase the value of my land in future which is a benefit for me.